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Eco Strategy

In today’s world we have an obligation to minimise our carbon footprint which makes good economic and climatic sense.

Continum Group strives to both reduce our environmental impact and provide solutions that assist our customers in achieving theirs. To this effect Continum Group has deployed the following Environmental Strategy:

  • All office equipment is on special “power down” power adapters to ensure no items are left in “standby mode”
  • We use a specialist waste recovery supplier to recycle the maximum amount of waste;
  • All customers proposals now include options for low energy equipment and hosted virtual servers
  • All customers sites have “remote access support software” loaded ensuring that over 90% of support issues can be solved via a remote access to their equipment rather than an on site visit (therefore reducing travelling requirements)
  • Flexible working environmental with staff regularly working from home (therefore reducing travelling requirements)
  • Further investment in our hosted platform has increased capacity by 50% while reducing  power usage by over 30%.

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